Sunday, June 29, 2014

Transfer 4 Week 3 June 23 2014

This week was really quite good! Last P-day I went fishing with my companion and the other two missionaries in Zaragoza with us. We used Hot Dogs for bait, and it worked surprisingly well! Elder Vera started to fish, and he litterally caught a fish is like 30 seconds. Then it was my turn, and I caught one in about a minute. We got super excited and we thought that we were going to catch hundreds of fish! But then we handed the pole to Elder Hutchins, and he didn't catch anything for about an hour. Poor guy. Later, Elder Lopez caught a turtle. It was cool at first, but the hook was stuck and we couldnt get it out. so we cut the line and let it go. We decided to stop fishing for the day. Me and my comp went fishing again today, but we didn't catch anything. On the way home, we ran into one of our investigators. He is 17 and is named Arnoldo. He told us a better place where we can catch more fish. We are probably going to go next week.
This week we met a Sister from a town called Nueva Rosita. She was just kind of scouring the town looking for us, because she wanted to introduce us to some of her friends that live here. So on Thursday morning we went with her, and now we have 3 new investigators! One of them was Arnoldo that I mentioned earlier. That was super exciting! It amazing what can happen when missionaries and members work together.

I also learned more about the weather here in my area. Aparently, in january and feburary it gets pretty cold. Not freezing, but cold. Then it gradually gets warmer until June. And in June there is like one week or two where it is super humid and it rains a lot, and then after that, The CanĂ­cula starts. They actually have a name for the hottest 40 days here. It is going to be like 120 degrees everyday for 40 days! And it is super dry. Then it will gradually get colder until January. Luckily, we were given permission to buy a small air conditioner this last week. I might have died without it!

This week there was one day where it just dumped rain on us! I have never seen it rain harder! And when it rains here, all of the flying ants leave their nests. It was really weird, because there were literally millions of them everywhere! there were almost as many flying ants as rain drops! My companion told me that they bit if they land on you, and he wasn't joking! It was wierd because I have never seen a flying ant before. Except for in "A Bug's Life". Luckily we were able to take shelter from them in an investigators house.

Also, a member asked us if they could store some couches in our house this week while there daughter is looking for a house. We were super excited, but unfortunately, they also raised the population of our house to about 50, maybe more. Because they are filled with Cockroaches. Giant Cockroaches! Some of them could probably eat a dog if they wanted to. Waking up in the middle of the night because there is a cockroach crawling on you is not a pleasant experience.

But I am doing great! 
Elder Earl

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