Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Transfer 4 Week 3 June 30 2014

This week ended up being pretty good. A little bit dissapointing as well though. My Birthday was this week, and it was great! Elder Vera, Elder Lopez, and Elder Hutchins surprised me with a cake in the morning, and sang me Happy Birthday. And when I say in the morning I mean in the morning. It was at 6:30 a.m. And then when I got home, we made the cake that my parents sent me, and it was super good!

We also did another activity on my Birthday that ended up being really sweet! All four of us went to the Plaza of Zaragoza at 6 for the sole purpose of placing Book of Mormons. I have to admit that I was super nervous at first, but it ended up being a really good experience. All together we gave out about 10 books. I personally did two of them. My spanish wasn´t perfect, but both of them understood me and they both accepted the Book and said that they would read it. And I was able to share my testimony with them about the truthfullness of the Book of Mormon. And how it is one of the ways that God has shown his love for us, His children. It really was a great experience.

This week would have been stupendous, if Mexico didn´t have a game in the World Cup yesterday during Church. Not many people showed up. But I understand that it is not easy to look at things in the Eternal Perspective. But when we do, we can see what is really important in this life. Which is Family, Church, and giving service to others.

Mexico lost in the Super Bowl yesterday, so it just kind of feels sad today. I didn´t really think that that was possible, but the environment just feels sad. But we talked to someone today who said that the President of Fifa might have Mexico and The Netherlands play again. I don´t understand why, but that is what he said. It might have just been wishful thinking.

Today we went Fishing again. I caught one fish. And my companion caught Three Turtles! luckily we didn´t kill any of the turtles this time. So we took a picture and then let them go free. 

So I guess all in all this week was good. 
Elder Earl

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