Monday, July 21, 2014

Transfer 4 week 4 July 7 2014

This week was definitely one of the fastest weeks that I have had here on the mission. We had quite a few lessons this week, and I can feel myself getting more and more comfortable with speaking Spanish. It is hard to believe that there is only two more weeks in this transfer! And what is even harder to believe is that I actually hit the 5 month mark this last week. That was super crazy!

The other Elders in Zaragoza had a baptism this week. Her name is Yolanda, and she is a very sweet lady, but one side of her body is completely paralyzed. She had a lot of doubts about whether or not she could be baptized becuse of that, but she ended up making the decision to be baptized. Elder Hutchins asked me to give an impromtu talk on the Holy Ghost. It wasn´t perfect. But I think that it was good enough. It was much better than my last impromtu talk I gave in my first transfer. But the most amazing thing was how happy she looked after the baptism! She said that she had some doubts beforehand, but that now she is sure that she did the right thing.

The Fourth of July was also this week. Happy Fourth of July Everyone! My day was pretty sweet on the Fourth! It was exactly like every other day. I actually forgot all about the holiday. But today when I found out after reading my sisters email, I said the Pledge of Allegiance in my head so don´t worry I am still American. 

Today was pretty fun! We got to go back to the ranch of Hermano De la Cruz. They fed us a whole bunch, and then we went to the river and skipped rocks and fished for a while. I had a really good time. 

Elder Earl

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