Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tranfer 16 Week 2 November 9 2015

Well i dont have much time to write this week. We had a service project today and it took longer than we originally expected.

I am doing really well and we had another really good week here in Saltillo. The most exciting thing that happened this week is finding a new family to teach! It is always a really good feeling when you get to teach an entire family together. The spirit is always super strong especially when we testify about the importance of the family and the fact that through the power of the preisthood our families can be together forever! So far we have had 3 lessons with them, and so far they really like the message. We are going to continue working and helping them and hopefully someday soon they will be baptized in the church of Jesus Christ. 

Overall everything is going really well. My companion and i are working really hard and we are having a great time doing it! We have seen a lot of success in these first two weeks of the transfer.

Elder Earl

Transfer 16 Week 1 November 2 2015

Well i have officially started my last 12 weeks as a full time missionary. Truthfully it feels a little weird, but i don´t think that it has fully hit me yet that i am going to be home in just a few months. But i can worry about all of that on January 20th.
So far this transfer has gone really well. They didn´t transfer any of the 6 missionaries in my ward, so it feels like basically nothing has changed. My old companion Elder Gallardo from Ecuador is in my District now, which is super cool. He is a really good friend.
We really focused this week on trying to find new investigators in our area in order to have some new people to teach this transfer. Truthfully this area is one of the hardest areas that i have had when it comes to finding people who are willing to hear us. But luckily i have come to the point in which rejection doesn´t really phase me. Sure i feel sad for the people who may never get to hear the message of the restoration, but i am reminded of somthing that my mission president told us in a conference not to long ago. Everytime someone rejects us that just means that we are one person closer to finding a person prepared to accept the gospel. I am also thnkful to be in Mexico, because i know that there are other missions that have an even harder time than here. So by the end of the week we were able to find 6 new investigadors to teach, and we are hoping that by the end of this week we will be teching another family as well.
Everything else is going really well. My companion and I still get along really well. I am happy! and i am glad that the Lord is letting me be a full-time missionary for another 12 whole weeks!
Elder Earl

Transfer 15 Week 6 October 26 2015

Well the week went really well, and it went by super fast! i can´t believe how fast the time has been going lately. The transfer has officially ended, which means that we got all of the transfers today.

We had quite a bit of work this week. It was really good. We found a few more investigators and one of our investigators went to church with us yesterday. I wouldn´t say that my area is one of the easiest areas in my mission, but i have grown to really love it, and i have seen a lot of success and progress in the time i have here. 

So something super crazy happend this week...Aparently there was a giant hurricane here in mexico. It was super weird because i didnt hear anything about the hurricane until the day that it actually hit. I heard that it was the strongest hurricane in all of history, but apparently it didnt do nearly as much damage as everyone was expecting. Which is great. Here in Saltillo it just rained a lot. It kind of sucked because when it rains the streets all flood, but i am not going to complain.

So turns out i am staying in the same area with my same companion Elder Hopper. I wasn´t really expecting that, but i am happy with it. I only have two more transfers left, so it is possible that i finish here in my area.

So anyway, i am doing great! 
Elder Earl
                                               My companion Elder Hopper (Atlanta, Georgia)

                                                                 Elder Mera (Hildalgo, Mexico)

                                                                  Elder Nay(Utah)
Elder Bedoya (Colombia) and our pins we bought.