Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Transfer 9 Week 2 January 19 2015

Well this was another good week but there isn´t really all that much to say.
We had a lot of lessons with less active members of the church this week. Which was really cool. But unfortunately none of them went to church this week. It has been a little tough lately finding people to teach because of the cold. But we are hanging in there! Today and yesterday have been kind of warm though so that is great.
One of our investigators went to church yesterday. His name is Rafael. He is a really good guy and he really likes to listen to us and to go to church and eveything. He wears a hat everyday that says ¨I love Jesus¨. So obviously he is a really cool guy, but unfortunately it could be a while until he can actually be baptized because he drinks a lot. But we are helping him out, and I believe in miracles.
Other than that, the week was kind of slow. Hopefully we will be able to find a little bit more work this week.
Elder Earl

Transfer 9 Week 1 January 12 2015

hello everyone! I had another really great week this week! It was a great week to start a new change. It was a lot colder this week than it has been lately. But thankfully we were able to ignore the cold and we actually had a lot of success this week! We had 35 lessons this week which was super cool! It has been a while since I have had that many lessons in one week!
This week we did divisions with the young men in the ward again. Two of them sent in their mission papers this week I believe. I had a really good time and we got a lot of work done. I am really glad for the opportunity to help the young men here prepare to go on a mission, I am not anywhere close to being perfect. But I am glad that I can at least try to be a good example for them.
There were only 2 changes in my district this transfer so it is basically the same. Which is good, because I really like my district.
This week we found out that the strange black box in our house is actually a heater! just in time too! because this week was a little bit colder than last week.
Other than that the week was normal and cool.
Elder Earl

Monday, January 5, 2015

Transfer 8 Week 6 January 5 2015

Well another transfer has ended, which means that the changes have arrived. It was a really great week to end the transfer.

This week was New Years, and it was super crazy. People have been exploding things all week. As far as I can tell, they dont really do many fireworks here. Just a lot of firecrackers and other things that explode and make a lot of noise.

New Years Eve was really good. But it wasn`t much different from any other day in the mission. The main differences were that it was super cold! and I felt like I was in a warzone with all of the explosions every couple of seconds. At night time our Bishop stopped by to bring us some dinner! It was super good and very thoughtful of him. So we are Ham, Potatoes, and Lasagna. 

New Years Day was also really cool. Just about everywhere we went people gave us food! We got home super full at the end of the day! They gave us tamales, Menudo, Posole, carne asada, bread, and milk. We had a really interesting lesson that day as well. We went to go visit one of the families in the ward, and they had a few family members over. We were just talking to them for a while until we started talking abour religion. They were all Catholics and the discussion went well. We were talking for a really long time though, they had a lot of questions! But in the end, one of them has decided to take the missionary discussions.

The rest of the week was just kind of normal. It is getting a little bit colder in the area, but I like it. It is much better than the heat! But apparently it is going to continue to get colder, so we will see what happens. 

Oh ya my companion and I are both staying here in Cuauhtemoc. I was surprised, because I usually only have my companions for 1 change, but it is going to be a really good one.

Elder Earl

Transfer 8 Week 5 December 29 2014

Well, this week was super sweet! I had a great Christmas, and I am looking forward to the new year as well!

On Tuesday, We did some more divisions with the Young Men in the Ward. I was with two and my comp was with two. We actually had a lot of success. In the three hours that we were working together, we had 6 lessons and 23 contacts. And I think that a few of them are going to progress! We contacted this really cool guy named Jose. A few years ago he found a Book of Mormon in a trash can, so he read it. He said that it was really interesting and that he wants another because he lost it.

Also, Chritmas was this last week! So on Christmas I got to talk to my family! It was an awesome experience and I am so happy for that opportunity. And I am so glad that everything is going well at home. My comp talked to his family on Chritmas Eve. Chritmas was a lot of fun! It was a lot different from Chrsitmas in Moses Lake. Probably because most of the people here live in more humble circumstances. But despite that, people were giving us food whereever we went! We got home super full!

Saturday was also really cool. We visited a lot of our investigators. We had a lesson with one of the contacts that we did. His name is Adrian, and he is really cool. We invited him to be baptized, and he accepted! We also went to visit our investigator Rafael. He was busy, so we couldn't talk, but he said that he would see us at church the next day. He says that everytime we go to see him, so we didnt really think anything of it, but the next day we were in the church and he walked in! It was a great surprise! In total we had 2 investigators go to church yesterday.

Also, yesterday morning at about 9:50 am. The bishop told me that I was going to give a talk in church that was going to start in 10 min. So ! prepared something really fast and I gave the talk.It wasnt perfect, but it was definitely the best talk that I have given in Spanish so far. I was able to talk for like 15 minutes without writing anything down. And I am fairly certain that most of the people understood what I said. 

Elder Earl
 Hobbit door
 My Zone last Change
 Dog leg on the sidewalk...just a normal day in Mexico. (Below) Baptisms last Change.

Transfer 8 Week 4 December 22 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! This week was really sweet! And it was super busy!

On Wednesday we had a missionary activity in the Stake Center here is Piedras Negras. We spent the whole day inviting people to go, and we had quite a few people go. Not as much as we were hoping for, but as much as we were expecting. The activity was Chritmas related, and consited of many Christmas hymns, videos and small messages. The activity started with the missionaries entering the room singing Joy to the World, but unfortunately they didnt tell us that we were starting so only about half of us went in when it was time. I was not one of them. The rest of the activity went well though. The messages were good, the hymns were good, I was happy with it. Then we ate some cookies afterwards.

Then on Thursday, we did divisions with some of the young men in the ward for an hour and a half. Elder Martinez was with Alexander. He is going to send in his missionary papers soon, and I was with Juan. He is only 16, so he still has a few years before he goes on a mission, but I had a really good time. We went to contact a few refferals, but none of them were home, so we just ended up doing some contacts. He was pretty nervous, but we had a good time.

The next day we had our ward Chritmas party. It was a lot of fun! We ate chickena and some desserts and candy and stuff. And it was really cool because a few of our investigators and some less active members that we are teaching went as well. The primary acted out the nativity, and we had a few piƱatas as well. It was a really good activity. 

Then the next day I did divisions with my district leader Elder Ashby. He is from Utah (surprise surprise) and is super sweet. We had a really good day with a lot of success. We had a good time talking because we like a lot of the same things. Like guitar and music and a bunch of other stuff. 

Yesterday was really cool as well. A lot of our investigators have left town for the Christmas season, so unfortunately only one was able to go to church with us. But we were still really happy that he was able to go. Yesterday was the Primary program in the ward. It was really good. About the same as a Primary Program back home but with less kids. Also none of the kids started to cry so I guess that was a pretty big difference as well. 

Other than that it was a normal week I guess. I am having a blast, and I am super excited that Christmas is only a few days away!

Elder Earl
I don't think I really have to explain this picture
Me Elder Ashby and my last comp Elder Martinez

Transfer 8 Week 3 December 15 2014

Well another week has gone by, and another transfer is halfway over, and again I almost have no time to write.
This week was really cool. I started teaching English again this week. I am teaching it with Elder Townsend. And we taught like three times this week. It is really fun, and a few of the people that we are teaching already know English kind of.
Also on Tuesday my companion hit his head and and cut it open. So he had to get it stitched up. He is fine now. It was kind of funny actually.
Other than that it was a pretty normal week. We found a couple new investigators this week and some more inactive members in the area, so the work in going well.
Elder Earl