Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Transfer 14 Week 2 August 17

Well we had a really great week again. My companion and i basically have the area down. Which is awesome because we learned it super fast. So now I almost never have to use the map unless i am searching for a referral. We found a lot of new investigators this week and we had an investigator go to chuch with us.

The coolest thing that happend this week was finding a new investigator named luis. We were looking for some of the less-active members in our area so we knocked on his door. The member had moved a while ago but we started to talk to Luis when he opened the door and he let us into his house to talk. The most interesting think about Luis is that he is completely blind. It happend about 3 years ago. But despite that he is a very pòsitive and friendly person. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to lose my eyesight. He is a very strong person. We talked a lot about the plan of salvation. Especially everything that is going to happen after this life when we die. He was unsurprisingly very interested in the Resurrection and the fact that we will all be given perfect bodies thanks to Jesus Christ and His Atonement. It was a really powerful lesson and he says that he wants to go to church with us. 

Other than that some other things happend as well. My companion gave a talk in church yesterday, he did really well for only having 6 months. I bought a new camera today because my old one broke. Overall the week was really good.

Transfer 14 Week 1 August 10 2015

So in tuesday I arrived to my new area with my new companion. Like i said last week my new companion is named Elder Miller he is from Grand Junction, Colorado. He has almost been a missionary for 6 months and he is really cool! We get along well, and we had a lot of success this week!

So there are actually 3 companionships of missionaries in my ward! So ya that means that there are six of us. Which means that my area isnt extremely large like it usually is. Which is nice since both of us are new to the area so we kind of have to learn it together. 

So most of the week was spent meeting all of the members and investigators that live in our area. Which was great because we have a lot of really cool people in the area. We have and investigator named Ricardo who is super excited to be baptized! he has read the whole Book of Mormon and he has an extremely strong testimony of the Gospel. Unfortunately he needs to get married before he can be baptized. But we are hoping that he can get married very soon. 

We also found a new family this week. We contacted this man in the street. He is a very active member of a different chuch. Actually i am pretty sure that he is basically the pastor, but we shared a short message about the resoration of the gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith right there in the street, and he said that he wants to hear more. He also said that he is going to go to the church with us this coming Sunday with his family. He has a wife and one daughter. He also gave us each a bag of prickly pears (Ya like the ones in The Jungle Book) which are super good! 

Well i dont really have time to write any more but really a lot of things are happening in the area. Oh ya! yesterday church was great! there is a family in my ward that lived in my previous area that i had a year ago! it was really great to see them again! they live in my area and they are a really cool family.

Anyway i guess that is it for now

Elder Earl

Transfer 13 Week 6 August 3 2015

Well, the transfer is officially over and i am being changed tomorrow, but i will get to that later.

I had a really great week this week. We had a lot of lessons we found some new investigators and we had two of them go to chuch with us tomorrow, These last two changes have been really great. I like my area, and my companion has been super cool.

On Thursday we did divisions with Elder Bauzan and Elder Miller. I went to the other area with Elder Miller. And we had a really good time. He is from Colorado and he is about to finish 6 months as a missionary. The day was great we found two new investigators for his area and we made quite a few contacts. We met a guy who had previously talked to missionaries before who asked us to give a blessing to his sick friend. It was a really neat experience to see the faith of this guy who we didn´t even know to yell at us from two streets over so we could give a blessing to his friend. Elder Russell M. Nelso of the Twelve Apostles said in a talk that ``Men are that they might have joy`` and the best way to recieve true joy is to participate in Priesthood Ordinaces. I have come to know that his statement is very true.

Then on saturday we had a service activity. All of the missionaries in my zone went to one of the chapels and we washed cars for free. Truthfully i didn´t think that many people would show up, but i was wrong! we had a bunch of signs, and people just kept coming. I guess if you put ``free`` on a sign people are bound to show up. So all of the elders washed the cars while the sisters talked to the owners about the church and invited them to accept a visit to there house. We actually got quite a few referalls. So i guess it was a pretty successful activity!

Anyway so we got our changes today in the morning. I am staying in Saltillo, actually in the same zone, i am being moved to a ward called Fundadores. My companion is going to be Elder Miller. Yep! the same missionary that i did divisions with on thursday! Unfortunately we are both going to be new to the area so we are going to have to figure everything our by ourselves. But it should be a lot of fun!

Elder Earl

Transfer 13 Week 5 July 27 2015

So we had another fairly good week, except for the fact that me and my companion both got a pretty bad cold. We are basically fine now, but it was pretty rough for a while.

So basically we had to go to the doctor almost every day this week. My companion is going to get a minor surgery to get something from his face removed. He is fine, but there is a lot of paperwork that we had to do to get it approved by the insurance. So we had to go back almost everyday for that, and then i got a cold, and then my companion got a cold. So that was the bad part of the week.

But on the upside, even though we had to lose quite a bit of working time durring the week. It didnt really affect the number of lessons and contacts we had. Which was a huge blessing! On Wednesday we found a new investigator. His name is Miguel and we contacted him in the street. He has a lot of questions and he is interested in the message that we have, but he isnt exactly the best listener in the world. He just likes to talk a lot. He is a really interesting guy though. We are going to keep working and hopefully he will accept the message. and in the meantime we will keep searching for more people to teach.

We have transfers in a week, and i will almost for sure be transferred. Hopefully i get to stay in Saltillo though because the heat is almost unbearable anywhere else!

Elder Earl

Transfer 13 Week 4 July 20, 2015

So we had another really good week here in Saltillo. On Wednesday we had a multi-zone conference with all of the missionaries in Saltillo. Because one of the Seventy came to the mission. Actually he is teh area president of Mexico, and his name is Elder Pieper.

It was a really good conference. We learned a lot! It was really cool because he shared us some experiences from his mission and his first area was in saltillo! but when he was here, there was only one ward and four missionaries in the entire city! now there are three stakes and about 70 or so missionaries. So the church here has definitely grown a lot! 

So we have been teaching a less active famlily for a while about a month now. And they have been progressing really well. And yesterday there 8-year-old son was baptized. It was a really great baptism and he asked me to baptize him! I will send some pictures next week. His name is Julio. 

We also have an investigator named Carlos. He is doing really well, and i am sure that he is going to be baptized within the next two months, but unfortunately i will most likely be changed before his baptism because we have changes in two weeks and i have been in this area for quite a while. 

Yesterday my companion and i were talking and i spotted something on his shoulder. I wasnt sure what it was but then i realized that it was a giant cockroach! I tried staying calm, but there is something about giant cockroaches that makes you just forget all reason and freak out! so i kind of yelled at him, which mad him scream, brush the cockroach off, and stomp on it about 10 times. It wasnt super graceful but the job got done nonetheless. We were laughing for about 10 minutes after that.

Well that´s all folks
Elder Earl