Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Transfer 13 Week 6 August 3 2015

Well, the transfer is officially over and i am being changed tomorrow, but i will get to that later.

I had a really great week this week. We had a lot of lessons we found some new investigators and we had two of them go to chuch with us tomorrow, These last two changes have been really great. I like my area, and my companion has been super cool.

On Thursday we did divisions with Elder Bauzan and Elder Miller. I went to the other area with Elder Miller. And we had a really good time. He is from Colorado and he is about to finish 6 months as a missionary. The day was great we found two new investigators for his area and we made quite a few contacts. We met a guy who had previously talked to missionaries before who asked us to give a blessing to his sick friend. It was a really neat experience to see the faith of this guy who we didn´t even know to yell at us from two streets over so we could give a blessing to his friend. Elder Russell M. Nelso of the Twelve Apostles said in a talk that ``Men are that they might have joy`` and the best way to recieve true joy is to participate in Priesthood Ordinaces. I have come to know that his statement is very true.

Then on saturday we had a service activity. All of the missionaries in my zone went to one of the chapels and we washed cars for free. Truthfully i didn´t think that many people would show up, but i was wrong! we had a bunch of signs, and people just kept coming. I guess if you put ``free`` on a sign people are bound to show up. So all of the elders washed the cars while the sisters talked to the owners about the church and invited them to accept a visit to there house. We actually got quite a few referalls. So i guess it was a pretty successful activity!

Anyway so we got our changes today in the morning. I am staying in Saltillo, actually in the same zone, i am being moved to a ward called Fundadores. My companion is going to be Elder Miller. Yep! the same missionary that i did divisions with on thursday! Unfortunately we are both going to be new to the area so we are going to have to figure everything our by ourselves. But it should be a lot of fun!

Elder Earl

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