Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Transfer 14 Week 2 August 17

Well we had a really great week again. My companion and i basically have the area down. Which is awesome because we learned it super fast. So now I almost never have to use the map unless i am searching for a referral. We found a lot of new investigators this week and we had an investigator go to chuch with us.

The coolest thing that happend this week was finding a new investigator named luis. We were looking for some of the less-active members in our area so we knocked on his door. The member had moved a while ago but we started to talk to Luis when he opened the door and he let us into his house to talk. The most interesting think about Luis is that he is completely blind. It happend about 3 years ago. But despite that he is a very pòsitive and friendly person. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to lose my eyesight. He is a very strong person. We talked a lot about the plan of salvation. Especially everything that is going to happen after this life when we die. He was unsurprisingly very interested in the Resurrection and the fact that we will all be given perfect bodies thanks to Jesus Christ and His Atonement. It was a really powerful lesson and he says that he wants to go to church with us. 

Other than that some other things happend as well. My companion gave a talk in church yesterday, he did really well for only having 6 months. I bought a new camera today because my old one broke. Overall the week was really good.

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