Thursday, July 31, 2014

Transfer 4 Week 6 July 21, 2014

Well another transfer has ended, and I know that I say it every week but this week went by super fast!

Every last week of every transfer we meet together as a zone. The offices were having troubles bying our bus tickets to Acuña, so they told us that we were going to have the meeting on Wednesday or Thurday instead of Tuesday. But then Monday night at 10:00 as we were getting ready to go to bed, We got a call saying that we were able to buy our tickets for 6:00 the next morning, so we had to pack super fast and take a taxi to Allende. We slept there, woke up at 4 and headed to Piedras Negras. We got there late, so we missed our next bus to Acuña. So we had to wait there for 2 more hours until we could go to Acuña and finally have the meeting. And afterwards we took a bus back to Allende and a taxi to Zaragoza. It was a super long day. 

The rest of the week was really great though. The last week of the transfer always feels wierd but it was even more so because it was my companions last week in the mission! We didn´t let it get to us though, so we had a lot of good lessons and some good times as well! 

Anyway, Sunday was really good as well. We had about 40 people in church so that was really cool. The Elders had to talk again, mine wasn´t horrible I think. Elder Vera did a really good job. It was his last sunday as a missionary, so it was a little emotional for everybody. Nobody was crying or anything. Later Elder Vera and I went to Allende with Hermano Sarabia a member in our brach with all of Elder Vera´s stuff to drop him off. I said goodbye to him there, and I have been with Elder Hutchins and Elder Lopez ever since. It was a little hard to say goodbye, but it´s not like I wont ever see him again. 

Later that day we got the changes for this transfer. I am going to Saltillo! Actually 5 missionaries in my zone are all going to Saltillo. My area is called Odregon and apparently it is like the downtown area of Saltillo. There is a lot of stuff there as well as 3 museums. I am excited. My companion is going to be Elder Garcia. He is also from Mexico City. My zone leader Elder Lopez knows him, and he said that he is really cool and a really good missionary as well, so I am super excited! 

But something kind of wierd is that there are only going to be two missionaries in Zaragoza next change. Elder Hutchins and I are both going to Saltillo, and Elder Lopez is going to be here with an Elder named Elder Harrington. I met him once before and he is super cool. He is actually from Ephrata Washington, so we know people who know eachother, but I had never met him before the mission.

So after church yesterday we went to a bunch of members houses and investigators houses just to share a short message and say goodbye. It was pretty hard to say goodbye to all of the people who I have gotten to know so well that last 4 and a half months. The people who have fed me, the people who I have taught, and the people who I baptized as well. But it gives me great joy to know for a fact that I can see all of them again whether it is in this life or after.

And today we are going to finish up with saying goodbye to some more families, and then tomorrow morning I leave to Saltillo!
Elder Earl

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