Thursday, July 31, 2014

Transfer 5 Week 1 July 28, 2014

They have a big Christ statue like the one in Rio Brasil. Not quite as big as the one in Rio though. You can also see a little of the city
 BE HAPPY. BE MORMON. this is in the window of a member here
 Elder Garcia and Water
Well I am officially in Saltillo! And it is completely different from Zaragoza.
On Monday, we said goodbye to a few more families and then slept in our house for the last time. Then on Tuesday I was traveling for most of the day, and arrived in Saltillo at like 6. There I met my new companion. His name is Elder Garcia. He is really cool, and he is my district leader. It was a little harder to really click with him at first because we are a different, but the last few days have been really cool.
It was my first time switching areas in the mission, so it was a little wierd at first. Because the people that we are teaching were being taught by someone else like a week ago, and then all of a sudden some 6 foot 4 gringo comes to their door saying that he is teaching them now. But I have already come to love a lot of the people that we teach and a lot of the members too.
The area is really cool! It is a lot bigger than my last area that is for sure, and the weather is much nicer! But when it rains it is crazy! I would call it mild flooding. We have to cross streets with the water up to our ankles. But other than that it is super cool.
My first day here, my companion told me that I had to give a talk on Sunday. AGAIN. So I did that. I do better every time, but I would still rather give a talk in English.
One of our investigators is extremely cool! his name is Dario and he is from Venezuela. Who would have guessed that I would be sent to Mexico to teach a Venezuelan! He studies the scriptures like nobody else I know! and he always has questions for us! some of them are really profound like Where is Kolob? He is reading the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, and Doctrine and Covenants! He came to Church with us as well! And he had the best questions and best comments in the class for sure! and he wants to give a talk in Sacrament meeting! He is also really good at music. He plays guitar and he is learning piano as well! He loves the Hymns in church. He says that he wants to make me a Guitar!
The members here are really cool. They are a lot like the members back at home. But the best part is that we get food with the members ever day! sometimes more than once!
Speaking of food, my first meal in Saltillo was really quite wierd. Cow intestines. It didnt taste horrible! but not really good either. But I really didnt like how chewy it was. I also found out that I have eaten sheep stomach as well. I just didnt know because I didnt know the Spanish word for it. I didnt really like that either.
Elder Earl

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