Saturday, August 30, 2014

Transfer 5 Week 2 August 4 2014

This week was super sweet! I will let you know why later. But I have some crazy news! Tomorrow I am going to compete 6 months in the mission! that means that I am already a quaarter of the way done! It went by so fast!

This week we had our zone conference. It was really cool because it was the first time that I got to meet all of the missionaries in my zone. I had met a few of them before, but most of them were brand new to me. Also it is always super sweet to hear our Mission President speak to us. Especially now that I can understand almost everything he says! He really is an amazing guy. He teaches with the Spirit, and I can tell that he really follows the Spirit when he is teaching. I can really learn a lot from him in the next 18 months!

Something really cool that my stake is doing is that the visiting teachers and home teachers are teaching the missionary lessons to the less active members. And we go along to help them out. It is really great for the less active members, as well as the members teaching, because they are studying the missionary lessons and strengthening their faith!

This Friday was one of the best days we have had so far! We had a lesson with a new investigator named Enrique. He is 18 and has family members in our ward. He has already commited to be baptized and went to Church with us and his family members yesterday! He is a really spiritual person, and has an amazing amount of Faith in Jesus Christ! Later on Friday we had another lesson with Dario. I talked a little about him last week. He too commited to a baptism date and came to church with us again! 

Church this week went really well. There were many really beautiful testimonies. Near the end of the meeting Dario leaned over to me and asked ¨Only members can share their testimonies right?¨ I said ¨No everyone can¨. ¨Can I?¨. ¨If you want to¨. ¨Is there enough time?¨ Yes. And he got up and bore a wonderful testimony of the Book of Mormon. And told of his first experience reading the Book of Mormon. I don´t think that I could have felt happier!

So just know that I am doing great! And there is no need to worry about anything at al!
Elder Earl

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