Monday, July 21, 2014

Transfer 4 Week 5 July 14 2014

Another week has gone by, and it is super hard to believe that I only have one more week until the next transfer. What is even more hard to believe is that my companion Elder Vera is going to go home in one week! that must be super weird for him.
We had a really good week this week. The weather wasn´t super bad and we had a couple of big rain storms as well that were really cool. But today it is super hot. today is the day that the CanĂ­cula starts. Or the hottest 40 days of the year. So this next week is going to be super got and then we have another transfer. And if I don´t get transferred to Saltillo I will have like 33 more days of it, because Saltillo doesn´t have a CanĂ­cula.
The highlight of the week was definitely Sunday! We had a lot of people come to Church this week which was super nice because we weren´t really expecting it. We were also able to finnaly confirm Lourdes! she was baptized a few weeks ago, but she has just been having a lot of opposition lately so she hasn´t been able to come the last few weeks. The other missionaries had a confirmation as well this week. So we had two confirmations and both companionships had an investigator come to church as well! Elder Vera and I taught the Primary again. The lesson was on the Restoration, and it went very well!
Our zone actually had a really great week! we had 3 baptisms and 2 confirmations. It is great to see all of these people coming unto Christ by deciding to take part in these sacred ordinances and making covenants with our Heavenly Father! 
Today was way to hot to fish, so we haven´t really done much. But the mission offices sent me a bag of candy for my Birthday so that was cool. There were some really good ones, but some strange ones as well.
Elder Earl

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