Sunday, June 29, 2014

Transfer 3 Week 6 June 9 2014

This last week went by super super fast. I guess I will start with my adventure to Saltillo. Really, it wasn´t all that cool. I was on a bus for ever, and then I took a taxi to the mission offices. The coolest thing is that I got to eat Subway and Dairyqueen while I was in Saltillo, in a mall. Almost every other town in my mission, that has missionaries, has a bunch of American stores and Restaurants. Zaragoza has nothing. Saltillo has a bunch of really cool stuff. It is one of the largest cities in Mexico. Not anywhere close to Mexico City, but large. The other Elders from my district in the MTC went to Saltillo as well! That was super awesome! we have only been here for 3 months, but we already had so many stories to share with one another! We slept in Saltillo that night, and the next day we went to some place. I signed two papers, and they took my fingerprints. Then I took another taxi and then another super long bus ride to Allende, and then another to Zaragoza afterwards with my companion.

Also, this week we had another baptism! Her name is Lourdes. She is super nice. Something interesting about her is that she actually was going to be baptized a few years ago by some other missionaries. She had her baptism date set, but then a member said something that confused her, so she backed out of it. Elder Torres and I started teaching her again my second week I was here. We helped her resolve all of her doubts and we answered her questions. Luckily, the result was a strengthening of her faith in The Lord Jesus Christ and she finally agreed to be baptized a few weeks ago! Her baptism went really well. Her sons were super sad, because they wanted to be baptized with their mom. Rosendo is 6, so he isn´t old enough yet, but her other son named Emiliano is 10, and he really wants to be baptized. Unfortanutely, his dad wont give him permission. But we are working really hard to try and help him understand. But he doesn´t seem to really like to talk to us all that much. We will see what happens.

We also have Transfers this week. I have to say that I really had no idea what was going to happen this change. Last week, we got a call from one of the office secretaries that made me think for sure that I was going to be changed. But then, on Saturday my zone leader told me that I was staying in Zaragoza. He also told me that my two brothers in our zone, (Brothers are the missionaries who entered the mission field the same day as you) Elder Bradley and Elder Chablé were staying as well. But then, on Sunday night we got another call saying that the President was doing more last minute changes. So agian, I wasn´t sure what my fate was going to be. Then we found out that Elder Bradley was actually being changed to Saltillo, and that Elder Chablé was being changed to Piedras Negras. And finally today, we found out that I am being changed to...nowhere. Yep, I am staying in Zaragoza for another six weeks, maybe more. 

I am staying with Elder Vera. This is his last transfer in the mission and then he is going home, so next transfer either we are both going to leave Zaragoza, or I am going to be here for a total of 6 months! We will see what happens. Every companionship in my zone except for mine is changing this transfer. So it is going to be really different. I am glad that I am staying another change because I really do love the people here, and I really like my companion a lot. But I do want to serve somewhere else sooner or later.

Elder Earl

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