Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 16 2014 Transfer 4 Week 1

This week we started a new transfer, so it was super busy! On Tuesday, Elder Vera and I were in Allende with the other missionaries in our district. One of them was changed to Monclova, so we were there with Elder Hernandez so he would not be alone. Then his new companion Elder Tello arrived from Piedras Negras. And then later that day another missionary named Elder Lopez arrived. He will be serving in the other companionship that is in Zaragoza with me and my companion. All 6 of us spent the night in Allende because on Wednesday we had to go to Acuña so we could all be together as a zone for the first meeting of the transfer. Unfortunately things didn´t exactly go as planned....

On The bus ride from Piedras Negras to Acuña, the bus was stopped by the police. That actually happens all the time here. They usually just ask to see some form of I.D. and sometimes they check your bags and stuff. But this time there were two other guys with different uniforms. I heard them ask Elder Hutchins for his passport, and I got scared. Because all of our passports are in Saltillo with the mission offices. So I did the only thing that I could do and pretended to be asleep. Unfortunately the guy "woke me up" and asked to see my I.D. He actually thought that I was Mexican at first, but somehow he figured out that I was a gringo when I stared talking to him, 

Because we didn´t have our passports, they basically threw us in a prison bus. It was pretty nice, but the windows had bars. they took us to an office. And we waited there forever! like 5 hours or something. We had to answer some questions and sign some papers. And they had to take us to a hospital as well, I guess a doctor had to "clear" us or something. Then we were waiting in the office again for another hour or so, until they finally let us leave.

But they told us that we had to go get our papers. So I am pretty sure that Elder Hutchins might be going to Saltillo this week. I might have to go to, but hopefully not.

Other than that, this week was good. Well actually, that experience wasn´t that bad. They gave us two sandwhiches, fruit, chips, cookies and water, and we handed out like 5 pamphlets throughout the whole ordeal. 

Other than that, it was a normal week in Zaragoza. The World Cup started this week. So there is soccer stuff like crazy everywhere.

Elder Earl 

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