Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May 5 2014

Well, This week was pretty great.

Tuesday my new companion arrived into Zaragoza. His name is Elder Vera and he is from Mexico City. But, he speaks English. We basically only speak in Spanish, but it is really helpful when I don´t understand a work he says, or if I can´t get out what I want to say in Spanish. And, he is extremely hilarious. We get along really well. 

On Wednesday, we were travelling all day, because we had to go to Acuña for a zone meeting. I actually don´t mind travelling all that much here. We travel by bus, but all of the busses are really nice. Really large and comfy. I am like the tallest person in Mexico, and even I have more that enough leg room. So that is nice.

This Friday, we had a big activity at the church here. We had a movie, a dance, games, and food. We made Tostadas. That morning, my companion and I made salsa. It was really fun. Except for cutting onions. That sucked. This is a picture of my companion working.
Inline image 1
The activity was great! we had quite a few people there. And everyone had a good time.

This week, we spent a lot of time with the Morales Duque family, in order to prepare Erik and Ángel for baptism on Sunday. They are really smart kids, and they learned everything that they needed to really fast. Then on Sunday after Church, we held the baptism. Luckily, it went really smooth. Except for me slipping on the way in, and the water heater being broken, everthing was great! This is a picture of me and my companion with Erik, Ángel and the fam. 
Inline image 2

All in all, the mission is great. I am learning Spanish slowly but surely, and I am getting better at teaching every day. 

Elder Earl

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