Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28 2014

This was the last week of my first transfer in the mission field. It went by so fast! The beginning of the week, we had our last meeting as a zone. So we got to take a bus to Piedras Negras early in the morning. And, even better, I got to see my brothers from the MTC. Elder Gibb who is serving in Piedras Negras, and Elder Bradley who is in my zone serving in Acuña.  That is me and Elder Gibb. The missionary in the back that kind of looks like a James Bond villain is my companion Elder Torres. He is talking to another Elder.

This week was a little better than last week. We had a lot of people in the chapel. Here in Zaragoza, the Elders are in charge of just about everything. Mutual, Family Home Evening, and we teach the Primary and the Young adults as well. And we were able to get a lot of our investigators in the chapel for the activites. And yesterday, we had three investigators in the chapel for church. That was exciting! We jumped back up to over 50 people in the chapel this week. But I still just don´t understand what happened on Easter with only 14. 

Another thing that is pretty exciting is that this next Sunday we have two baptisms! They are brothers. One is 10 years old and the other is 9. And, they asked me to baptise them! so I have been practicing the Spanish that I need for that. It is also possible that we will need to push the baptism back one week because this week is going to be a little crazy.  The boy next to me is Ángel. He is going to be baptized. His 10 year old brother, Eric, who is also going to be baptized was with his dad when we were taking pictures. Their family is really nice.

The reason that this week is going to be really busy is because my companion is actually being trasferred this week. He is leaving tomorrow. It is going to be wierd because it is my first time changing companions in the field. I am still in my weeks of training, so I am still the junior companion, but it will be a little different because for now I am the one that knows the investigators and how to get around the town. So I do have a little more responsibility. But I can do it.

I have a lot of really great investigators. The only thing stopping them from progressing even more is that they don´t want to go to the church. They love listening to us, but none of them like to go to church. Because none of them have been to the true church of God yet. But I know that if we can get them in the chapel for Sunday, I can have 5 or more baptisms this transfer. 

But I am doing well. I am growing a lot. In Testimony. Luckily I don´t feel like I am getting fat yet. 

Elder Earl

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