Monday, April 28, 2014

Some questions Jordan aswered...

Ok son.....I have asked you so many questions and am not getting them answered so hit forward and answer the questions then send to me.....please!!!

1) Where do you shop for your food? Take a picture of the store.
There are two stores. Oxxo, and Farmacia Guadalajara. I will take a picture of them this week

2) What is the strangest thing you have eaten?

Tortillas. Seriously everything is normal. But the strangest thing is that we eat tortillas with everything. I don´t really like it.

3) Do you have an inside working bathroom?  Take a picture of your bathroom and each room of you apartment.

Ya. The shower is cold with no water pressure. But the toilet works.

4) Have you found anything food wise or treat wise or little Mexican cart wise that you love?

I love those chocolate eggs with the toys inside. Like the one i got in Ensenada. And there is this thing called Agua de Frutas that is pretty good. Water of fruit.

5) What are the homes like of those investigating right now?

All are really small and humble. I have a picture of one in my email this week. It is pretty standard. A few have bigger houses.

6)  What type of work do the men do to support their families?

The same in Moses Lake. More ranches though.

7)  Did you get your box we sent?

Nope. It will be a while. I will let you know. It is also possible that I will never get it. Did you tape pictures of Jesus on the box?

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