Monday, April 28, 2014

April 21 2014 Easter

This week was pretty difficult, but it was good for the most part. A lot of working, and a whole lot of walking. Which is fine.

Our lessons this week went really well. We had one really good lesson with a woman that we have been teaching since the first week. She likes to listen to us, but we have not been able to talk her into going to the chapel on Sunday. But we finally did, and she said that if she felt good there, that she would be baptized along with her 10 year old son who already has expressed his desire to be baptised. We also had a few lessons with an inactive family this week. We got them to commit to going to the chapel as well, and set a baptismal date for two of the boys in the family that have since come of age. 

But, something that I have learned about the people here is that it is really easy to get people to agree to things. But whether they will actually do it or not we have no idea. Almost always, people agree to scheldule a lesson with us or to read something or to attend the church with us. But the day will come around, and they wont be home, or they will be sleeping. It is really frustrating. So yesterday, Easter, we spent all morning trying to round up our inverstigators for church, but nobody came. Before we came to Zaragoza there were 14 members in the church every sunday, but every week it has grown. Last week we had 54 people in the chapel! but this week it went down to 20. 

Which is pretty sad, especially on Easter. The day where we celebrate the miraculous ressurection of The Messiah, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Which made it possible for all of us to be ressurected after this life and live in Eternal Happiness with our Heavenly Father and our families forever! 

I also had to give a talk yesterday. Apparently, every third Sunday of the month the missionaries give talks. This isn´t just for my mission, it is everywhere in Mexico. I ws super excited when I found that out Saturday night right before I went to sleep. But it went fine. The Spanish wasn´t great, but I got through it. 

For some reason, I thought that in Mexico, Easter would be really Spiritual and not very commercialized. But at least in the part where I am, it is just like the U.S. The Easter Bunny hides eggs for the kids, but they are filled with confetti instead of candy. And they have a big fiesta! Some of you may be thinking ¨What´s the point of Eggs if there is no candy?¨ but don´t worry. They also have a PiƱata filled with candy for the kids durring the Fiesta.

One thing that I was able to do this week which was pretty cool was help paint a house! It was a lot of fun! I was with my companion, and one of the sons of the family who lives there. She is a single mom, and we eat at her house every Friday. Her son is really funny. He is 11 years old and his name is Eric. He wasn´t too happy with the color of the house though. He told me that his favorite color is Black! I think it looks pretty good!

I have talked about how the food is always really similar here, so I won´t get into that again. But this last Tuesday, we ate with a family who makes the best food in Zaragoza! I can not begin to describe my joy when I saw that we were eating Espaguetis, Spaghetti! So that was cool.

Today has been pretty good. I definitely needed this P day. But I am also ready to start working hard this week. It is the last week of my first Change in the mission! It went by so fast!

Elder Earl

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