Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cambio Tres, Semana Cinco June 2 2014

This week ended up being pretty great. But really eye-opening. We travelled quite a bit this week because we had a conference in Piedras Negras. The conference was with Elder Johnson. He is in one of The Seventy, and he is the area President here. The whole time, he was basically scolding us. Something that I didn't realize is that my mission is actually really bad at getting baptisms. We average about 8 a week for the entire area. Which is almost an entire state! The whole thing really motivated me to become the best missionary that I can be.

This last Sunday was good. We had one investigator come with us. That was great! And two of the inactive families in our area came as well. I taught Primary. I have taught the whole primary lesson two weeks in a row now. Which is really great for practice. And it feels great to see all of the progress that I have made with the language.

Yesterday, I was told that I am going to Saltillo tomorrow. But just barely, while I was writing this letter, I learned that I am going today! Its something for my visa. So I need to go pack now. 

Elder Earl

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