Thursday, June 5, 2014

Transfer 3 Week 3 May 19

This last week actually went really well. Except for one thing. I made the mistake of touching a nopal this week. It is a type of cactus. There are a few large spikes on them, so I thought I would be fine if I just grabbed it around the spikes. But aparently, there are like millions of little tiny spikes that you can´t see covering the whole thing. I was taking them out of my hand all day! And I kept finding more. You would think that someone would tell you that beforehand. But I guess you would also think that most people are smart enough to know that you shouldn´t touch a cactus.

We had a lot of lessons this week. And me new companion and I are becoming really good friends. 

Something kind of funny about Mexico are things called Mexicanadas. They are the things that people make that are super smart and useful out of stuff that they already have, so you don´t have to buy something new. Like a satelite made from a bike tire. This is the Mexicanada that I made this week. I am pretty proud of it.

It is a cockroach killer...

A new restaurant opened up this week in Zaragoza. Every other town here has everything you would ever need. McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut. But, there is absolutely nothing in Zaragoza. So I was super excited when I saw this.


But then I looked a little closer...I really did think that it was a Church´s at first.

This Sunday was great! The President of the Branch, President Casas, confirmed the two boys that were baptised two weeks ago, Ángel and Erik. And we finally got another one of our investigators to go to church with us. She told us that if she could feel the Spirit in the chapel, she would agree to be baptized. But the past three weeks she something had always come up so she couldn´t go. But she was there, and aparently she felt the spirit, because after Sacrament meeting she told us that she would be baptized! So we have two more baptisms coming up. Her and her son. 

So, all in all, I am having a great time. My tetimony grows everday. I understand more Spanish everday. My companion is great, but I think he is getting a little nervous. Because he only has one more transfer in the mission after this one. I think that he doesn´t know what he is going to do when he gets home. I am just glad that he still wants to work, even though he is almost done. 

Elder Earl

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