Thursday, June 5, 2014

Transfer 3 Week 4 May 26

This week went by super fast. And it was a little wierd as well.

On Tuesday we went on splits. So, my companion was in Allende all day with an Elder named Elder Jacinto. And I was with an Elder named Elder Herdandez in Zaragoza. It was the second time that I have been on Splits with Elder Hernandez. I had a great time. He is really funny, and he is learning English. So all day he speaks to me in English, and I speak to him in Spanish. And we help eachother with the grammar and pronunciation. We had quite a few lessons. And they were all very good. 

Then on Thursday Elder Vera and I went to Allede and spent the night there. And then on Friday in the morning we went to Piedras Negras because we had interviews with the Mission President. I was a little nervous, because I had never really talked to him before, because I couldn´t. And I wanted him to see how much my Spanish has improved. And, thankfully, it went really well. I understood everything he said to me. There was only one time where I didn´t know what he was saying. He was trying to explain to me that the interview was over. But I got it after not too long. And I finally got back to Zaragoza on Saturday. 

Because of all the traveling this week. We didn´t get to work quite as much in our area as usual. But we still had some good lessons. And we had one more investigator commit to baptism! Unfortunately, it probably won´t happen until the next transfer, so I may not be here to see it.

I also found out that within the next two weeks I have to go to Saltillo to get my visa extended. Which means an 8 hour bus ride. Which means an 8 hour nap. 

Now I am going to go fishing

Elder Earl

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