Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfer 10 Week 3 March 10 2015

Well, Elder sebastian and I had another really good week. And it is really hard to believe that this change is already halfway over. This Tuesday I did divisions with one of my zone leaders. His name is Elder Muñiz. I had a really good time. He has been in the mission for about 18 months and he has a very profound knowledge about the gospel. I had a really great time and I was able to learn a lot from him.

One of the best thing that happend this week was that we found 8 new investigators. That is more than I have been able to find in one week for quite a while. It was a great feeling to be able to have so much success this week even though it was cold all week, because ussually when it is cold it is really hard to find people who are willing to open their doors.

A few weeks ago I wrote a little bit about an investigator that we found named Jerry. Unfortunately he had to move and we completely lost contact with him for like 3 weeks. But luckily this week while walking in a part of our area where we usually dont visit we found him again! The best part is that we didnt even have a reason to go to that part of the area. We just felt like we should go there and try to contact some people because we hadnt really ever gone there before. And I am so happy that my companion and I were able to follow that subtle prompting from the Spirit, even if we didnt realize it was revelation at the time.

Later on saturday I found out that I was going to have to go to saltillo on sunday to renew my visa so I dont get deported. So on Sunday unfortunately I was only able to go to Sacrament meeting because I had to catch a bus ride, and 8 hours later I was in Saltillo.

Saltillo was fine. It was a super fast trip. It was cool because I was able to see some Elders that I have not seen in quite a while. Like Elder Bradley from my MTC district. And a couple of Latino Elders that arrived to the mission the same day that I did. It was really cool to see them, because I couldnt even talk to them the first time that I met them, but now I can! Then I got back to my area at like midnight yesterday, so I am super tired right now.

so ya

Elder Earl

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