Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfer 10 Week 4 March 16 2015

Anyway, this week went well. On Tuesday the mission president came to Piedras Negras, and we watch the movie Meet the Mormons as a zone. I really liked the movie. If you haven´t seen it, I would definitely recomend it.

Then on Wednesday, we had our interviews with the president in the morning. They went well. I always like getting a chance to talk with the president one on one. He is really smart and he gives great advice as well. 

Unfortunately we didnt have enough time to go and wash clothes with a member this last week because I went to Saltillo on monday, so we had to wash our clothes in our sink. It wasnt the best experience, but it turns out that I was more skilled at washing my clothes by hand than I thought I was. But luckily today we got to go and wash with a real washer.

All in all the week was super normal. A lot of drunk people came up to talk to us this week. It is super sad to see the effects that alcohol does on people. It is a strange feeling to talk to a grown man as if he were a small child. 

We found a new investigator this week named Jesus. He is really cool. He used to be a tatoo artist and he is almost completely covered in tatoos. even his face. He used to live in texas so his english is really good, and he is also one of the most polite people that I have met here. He joined a church when he was in prison, but doesnt assist any church now, but he says that he would like to go to church with us, 

Anyway, I dont know what else to write, so ya
Elder Earl

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