Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfer 11 Week 2 April 13 2015

Well, we had a pretty good week this week as well. I am just starting to be able to find my way around the area, but only part of it because the area is actually really big! We went to Arteaga this week. It is a small town that is also in my area. I was kind of dissapointed because I was expecting it to be further away from Saltillo, but there isnt really a difference. Saltillo ends and Arteaga begins on the same street.

This week we started to teach a new investigator. He is actually the brother of a member that was baptized like 3 weeks ago. He is really cool, and he does ask a lot of questions about the church, but as of now he seems only halfway interested in the message. But we will see what happens.

This week I met the Ward Mission Leader. He seems to be a really good Mission Leader who takes his calling seriously. Which is nice because that isnt always the case. We went and visited a couple families with him this week.

I also met a family in my ward this week that has a son in the mission field. He is in TorreĆ³n Mexico. Which is the same mission as my cousin Bryan! So it is possible that they know eachother.

Yesterday we had a meeting for all of the missionaries and ward mission leaders in my stake. It went well but afterwards there was a huge storm! There was rain lightning, and even hail! It was the biggest hail that I have ever seen! It really wasn´t that big, but i havent really seen hail that much...So we were all trapped in the chapel for a while untill the storm let up and we got to go home, but unfortunately the power went out. But it came back some time durring the night.

Well that is it
Elder Earl

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