Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfer 11 Week 3 April 20 2015

well this week was pretty sweet. On tuesday i got to do divisions with Elder Brillones. He is from Guadalajara. We had a a really good and successful day. We had a lot of lessons and we received more refferals than usual (like 3). i had a great time with Elder Brillones. He speaks English fluently and he likes a lot of the same music that i do. He plays guitar as well, so in the night before we went to sleep we played some guitar and talked about music and stuff.

The rest of the week went pretty well. We are having a tough time with some of the recent converts in the area. just trying to help them with the problems that they have. 

I dont have like anymore time to write. We had some confusion today because a member invited us to eat with them today but then cancelled last minute. We also put a Date for the next baptism. So if all goes well we will be baptizing on the 15th of may!  Ya!

Elder Earl 

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