Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfer 10 Week 5 March 23 2015

Well i guess this week was pretty good. On Tuesday i got to do divisions with an elder named Elder Hernandez. Actually right now there are three missionaries in my district named Elder Hernandez. and there are 8 missionaries in my district. So almost half are hernandez.

The divisions went well. On Monday my companion and I contacted two young men and we went to visit their family in the divisions and we actually had a really great lesson! We found out that two of them are actually already members of the church and the other two aren´t we shared a small part of the Restoration and then we had to leave

Then we went back on Friday and we shared a short message. The spirit was super strong and the two members of the family who have not been baptized yet accepted the invation to be baptized! It was a great lesson. Then on saturday we went back and we shared the Restoration video and we talked a little bit more about the Word of Wisdom and of course we invited them to go to church for the next day. They said yes! but then they told us some bad news...

So yesterday they went to church and it was super cool! They got to know the members and they said that they really enjoyed it (Except for when there 4 year old son peed his pants) but that was the only bad thing that happened. The members were really great as well. They really helped us out with getting them to the right classes and explaining the things that we do. All in all it was a really great sunday. 

Did you notice that i didn´t write down the bad news that they told us on saturday. Well, on sunday after church they moved to a different town, which is completely horrible because there are missionaries in that town as well, but know I dont get to continue visiting them. So now they are in Musquiz and we need to find another family to baptize

Also two young men from my ward here entered the MTC in Mexico City this week. One is going to Mexico City East and the other is going to Mexico Cuernavaca.

Thats it for this week

Elder Earl

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