Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfer 11 Week 1 April 2015

Well I am in my new area and with my new companion. My new wards name is Aurora (If anyone cares) and my new companion is named Elder Dichi he is Mexican but apparently his last name is Italian.

Overall i really like my area a lot. It is kind of ugly but i am fine with that. All of the neighborhoods that i have in my area are called colonias de infonavit which are basically just cookie cutter neighborhoods. a company builds all of the houses exactly the same and then they rent them all out. So all the the streets and houses look exactly the same in all of my area. Which means it might be a little hard to learn it all.

Aparently there is a small town named Arteaga that is also in my area. We havent gone yet but we probably will this week. We have to take a bus to get there.

We spent most of the week visiting the members and investigators so i could meet them. But nothing happened that is really worth mentioning.

This weekend was awesome! Because I got to see general conference. All of the sessions and talks were awesome,but i especially liked the talke by M. Russell Ballard in the preisthood session. He explained how each missionary is given his or her mission call and he even had a ´´personal interview´´ with everyone watching at the same time!

Well that is about it. yesterday i completed 14 months as a full time missionary! Whoot!
Elder Earl

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