Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Transfer 7 Week 6 November 24 2014

Well this transfer has officially ended, and I fell like I ended it pretty well. And I am excited for the next transfer as well.

We started the week with divisions. My district leader Elder Harris came to my area with me, and my companion Elder Martinez went to the other area for the day. The day actually went super well. I learned a lot of things from Elder Harris. He is a really good missionary. The day wasn´t perfect, but we got a lot done. And we contacted a few people that might end up progressing as well. At the end of the day we sat down and talked about what we did, and we gave eachother suggestions on how to improve with teaching and things like that. But he told me that overall he was really impressed with the way that I knew my area and the way that I taught. Which is always good news. 

The rest of the week went by really well and really fast. We had a really interesting day yesterday though. We started the day with the reagular Church Services. We had the confirmation of Amalia during sacrament meeting, the lady that was baptized last week. The Bishop of our ward performed the ordinace. It was really nice. After sacrament meeting we taught the Plan of Salvation to our investigator Roman. It went really well and he has decided to be baptized in two weeks! 

After the church services we spent most of the day visiting the members and recent converts in the area so Elder Martinez could say goodbye. And then he started to pack up his suitcases. Until we got a phone call at like 9:30. It was one of the assistants. He told us that Elder Martinez was going to stay here in Mundo Nuevo but that he had to go to Saltillo on Monday because he is going to train a new missionary, and that I was going to be changed to a different area. That was super surprising because I only have one transfer here. But they did not tell me where I was going.

Today I got all of my bags packed and everything in the morning and Elder Martinez got all ready to go to Saltillo untill we got my change. Tomorrow I am going to an area called Cualtemoc. It is in Piedras Negras, and is only a few roads away from my house here in Mundo Nuevo. Which is super strange because I am not even going to move to a different district. My companion is going to be Elder Martinez (Same name as my last companion but a different missionary) And I actually know him pretty well because we have been in the same district for the last 6 weeks. He is from Mexico City and does not know English. Which is fine. After being with another gringo for the last six weeks I know that it is a lot easier when one of you is a native spanish speaker.  

My change is kind of wierd, but I am glad that I get to stay in Piedras Negras. it is cool here. 

Elder Earl

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