Monday, November 3, 2014

Transfer 7 Week 3 November 03 2014

Well we actually had a really great week this week and we had a lot of sucess. I cant believe that this transfer is already half way over!

We had a lot of success this last Tuesday and Wednesday. We did a lot of really good street contacts and we got 8 new investigators! all in just two days. On Tuesday in the morning we contacted a guy named Sergio. He seemed really cool and he said that we could go to his house to talk some day. He told us that he was from the state of Michoacan. Later we contacted another guy named Juan who is also from Michoacan. And it turns out that they are brothers! So that was pretty crazy.

Halloween was also this week. I would say that in most areas of Mexico the people do not celeberate it. But because I am so close to Texas, there were a lot of kids on the street knocking doors for candy. It is kind of funny because they say triki triki when they knock on the doors because they dont understand trick or treat. But holloween is definitely not as big as it is in the States. Not everyone celebrates it. 

Sunday was a pretty weird day. No one told us that it was daylight savings time here in Mexico so we arrived to church and nobody was there. We were really confused. The rest of the day went pretty well. 

There is a guy that is always walking around in our area that is literally crazy. He is super short and he has smoked so much that he talks in a whisper all the time. And he knows English. He looks just like Gollum from Lord of the Rings if Gollum was Mexican. On Sunday he found us and started to talk to us. Everytime he finds us he talks to us for about half an hour. But this time it was a little bit stranger. He was trying to talk me into getting a blood test. Because he was telling me that he is my long lost father. It was really uncomfortable. And my comp didnt help at all, because he was just laughing the whole time.

But I guess if nothing else good happens in the mission, at least I found my dad.

This week we are going to have at least two baptisms. Three if our other investigator decides that she is ready. I will talk about them next week.

Elder Earl

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