Sunday, November 2, 2014

Transfer 7 Week 2 October 27 2014

Well this week was pretty good. I am getting used to be here in my new area in Piedras Negras even though it was super hot this week. And I am really getting along really well with my companion so that is great too. It is really fun having an american companion! We teach well together as well. Everyone is always complimenting us on our Spanish. And the members are usually surprised that I have only been speaking Spanish for 8 months. So that feels pretty good.

The week started out super wierd, because my comp went to Saltillo on Monday and didn´t get back until tuesday night. So I was with my District Leader Elder Harris and his companion Elder Morales. It was cool, but I would just rather work in my own area.

That kind of ruined Wednesday as well because my companion had to do some things that he wasnt able to do on monday like wash his clothes and buy food and stuff. So we didnt get to have a full day of work in our area until Thursday.

We had a lot of work to do this week. We are going to have two baptisms for sure on the 9th of November. It is our investigator Sandra and her son Jonathan! And Sandra´s mom Emilia will probably be baptized as well, but she wants to think about it for a little while longer. They are super cool and humble people. They never went to school so they can not read. Our Ward Mission Leader is super cool, so he is actually teaching them to read. He has a class with them two times a week. They really want to learn how to read so that they can read the scriptures!

This week we recieved a refferral from one of the members, so we went to contact her. Her name is Brenda and it seems like she is going to progress very fast. We left her a pamphlet when we contcted her. And when we went back she had read the whole thing and she had a page full of questions that she wrote down. Which made the teaching a lot easier. She understands things very quickly, and she says that all of the things that we say just make sense to her. so we are going to have a good time teaching her, and hopfully the rest of her family will accept talking to us as well.

Elder Earl

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