Thursday, November 13, 2014

Transfer 7 Week 4 November 10 2014

Well this week was actually really great! We had a lot of success and I was able to have some really cool experiences.

On Tuesday after our district meeting we did divisions with some other Elders in our zone. There names are Elder McCann and Elder Murphy. Elder McCann is actually going home in like 2 weeks, and Elder Murphy is only in his second transfer here in Mexico. McCann came to my area with Elder Martinez, and I went to their area with Elder Murphy. It was actually a really great experience, because I have never done divisions with an american with less time than I have. Elder Murphy is a really smart guy, but he just doesnt know much Spanish yet because of how little time he has here. He is not any worse than I was when I had as much time as he has though. It was really fun being the one that could talk better.The people just seem to kind of respect you more. We had a really good day and I definitely learned a whole bunch.

The rest of the week was just kind of normal. We had quite a few lessons and contacts, but nothing too spectacular until Friday when we had the Baptismal Interviews of our investigators Sandra and Jonatan. Jonatan is Sandra´s son and they are both just really good people. They were both baptized yesterday. My companion Elder Martinez baptized Sandra, and I baptized Jonatan. It was a really great experience. But there were a lot of dificulties with teaching them. Them and their whole family have never gone to school. None of them can read or write, and it usually would take a long time for them to understand the messages that we shared with them. But they never stopped trying to understand, and they have trully progressed a lot. Sandra and Jonatan were more than ready to be baptized yesterday, and Sandra´s mother Amalia is going to be baptized on Saturday along with another one of our investigators! So there is a lot of work to do here in Piedras Negras!

So in all we actually had 7 investigators in the Church yesterday! which is the most I have ever had!

In two weeks, two more missionaries are going to be put in my ward Mundo Nuevo. So we have to split my area in half as well as look for a house for the new elders. So far we have not found a house for them.

A couple of days ago we heard like a huge explosion type noise that was really weird, It made the windows in the house that we were in shake. but we had no idea what it was. We have heard a lot of people tell us that it was a meteorite that landed somewhere near Piedras Negras. Many people have claimed to see a green streak of light in the sky before hand. So I guess that I am fairly close to a meteroite. I thought that that was pretty interesting. You can go look it up.

Elder Earl

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