Sunday, December 14, 2014

Transfer 8 Week 1 December 1 2014

Well I had another really good week this week. It was a great way to start a transfer for sure!

Anyway, my new area is called Cuauhtemoc and it is literally right next to the area that I was in a week ago Mundo Nuevo. At first I was a little bit confused about being swithced a road over after only having 6 weeks in my last area, but I am fine now. I really like my new area is actually really sweet and the ward is awesome as well! The best part of my new ward is that there are a lot of Young Adults. In most of my other wards there was at the most 8 young adults, but this ward has like 20 which is really cool. A lot of the young men are getting ready to serve missions as well! There is one that has reacenly recieved his call to Canada speaking French! 

I am getting along really well with my new companion Elder Martinez. He is from Mexico State and is really funny. Elder Porras my companion from two changes ago in saltillo came up to Piedras as well. So my last two companions as well as my current companion are all in my zone. Which is pretty sweet. This change is going to be fun.

We did a lot of stuff this week and we had a little bit of success as well. We had a ward activity on Friday, and three investigators went. Basically it was just food and music, but it was a lot of fun. The only bad thing is that the food was menudo which is one of the few foods that I absolutely hate here. 

Yesterday was good as well. We had one investigator go to church which was cool but we were expecting to have more but oh well. We just need to work a little harder I guess. Other than that the week was full of work.

Also I just want to invite everyone to visit the website and to watch the video on the website. The Church is spending a lot of money this christmas season to help everyone recognize the gift that our Heavenly father gave to us. His Son Jesus Christ. 

Elder Earl

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