Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Transfer 15 Week 2 September 28 2015

Well, the week went really well. On Tuesday we had divisions and i was with Elder Domiciano all day. He is from Brazil. It was really cool, but sometimes it was really hard to understand his accent. And this is only his 4th transfer, so when he doesnt know the spanish word he would just say the word in Portuguese. A lot of the time i could undertand what he was saying, but other times no. But it was cool. He taught me a bit of Portuguese, but i have forgotten most of what i learned. I is kind of like speaking spanish, but you just say it weird...That is probably the best way i could explain Portuguese. He also gave me a coin from Brazil, so it ended up being a pretty successful day!

The week was great! we found 7 new investigators this week knocking doors. And i think that about half will probably progress. We have a new investigator named Oscar. He has a bunch of problems with a lot of different things. But luckily he has the desire to change, and i know that the Gospel can help him do it! i have seen it happen before! A lot of people here say "La gente no cambia" or "People dont change". A lot of people believe that that is true, but one of the things that i have learned here is that that is definitely not true! we all have the capacity to change. And our Savior Jesus Christ is willing and able to help us do it! I have seen a lot of people change for the better here, and i have seen myself change a lot as well.

I am doing great, and i am looking forward to this coming week. This week it really hit me how much time i have here, and how much time i have left. I am not ready to go yet! I just hope that i can do a lot of good in these next 4 months.
Elder Earl

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