Friday, October 16, 2015

Transfer 15 Week 3 October 5 2015

It was another really good week. The transfer is already halfway over, and luckily everything is going well. I really like my area still, we have a lot of investigators, we continue to find more people to teach every week, and i still get along well with my companion.

Well, truthfully there wasn´t anything really all that exciting that happened this week. We had quite a few lessons, and on Friday i did divisions with an Elder named Elder Nay. He is from St. George, Utah. The divisions went really well. We stayed in my area. I get along really well with Elder Nay, so the day was really cool. He has been in the mission for almost a year.

This weekend was General Conference! it was amazing! I had a really great time, and it was the first time in the mission that i was able to watch the conference in English. Spanish is great, but i definitely like the conference more in English. The traslators can´t convey the emotion that you can hear in the speakers own voice. I would say that my favorite talk was Elder Robert D. Hales. I am pretty sure that is was in the Saturday Afternoon session. I also really liked the idea of ¨Ponderizing¨ a scripture every week. And it is definitely something that i would like to apply.

It was also really amazing to see the three new Apostles called to service. I really enjoyed all of their testimonies. I am sure that they will make great Apostles. 

Well thats it for now
Elder Earl

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