Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tansfer 15 Week 1 September 21 2015

Well, the new change has started, and so far it has been really great! My new companion Elder Hopper is super cool! We are getting along really well, which is always great. It is super hard to work efficiently if you don't get along with your companion. Have you seen "Meet the Mormons"? Turns out the bishop from Atlanta that is in that movie is my companions Stake President! Which means that my companion knows a famous person! Which means I know someone who knows a famous person! So that is pretty exciting.

We had a really good week together in our area. We found 7 new investigators to teach and we did a lot of contacts.

So i talked a bit about our investigator Luis last week. We had a lesson with him yesterday that went really well. He is super excited to be sealed to his family! so yesterday we made a list of goals and plans for him to prepare to enter the temple. We explained the Gospel of Jesus Chirst and the importance of all of the priciples that it contains, as well as the importance of the ordinaces of the preisthood. He is super excited to learn and to start applying everything that he has been learning. He said the closing prayer in the lesson, and we could all feel the spirit super stong. Especially when he asked God to bless his family so they can accept the Gospel as well. Because so far his family hasn't been quite as excited about all of this as he has. 

We also were able to find a new family to teach this week. It is the grandson of one of the sisters in our ward, his wife, and his two children. We had our fist lesson with them on saturday, and it went really well. We taught about the Restoration of the Gospel. They had a lot of questions, and they accepted all of the invitations that we gave to them. We are hoping that they are going to progress. 

Well, everything is going great! I just realized that i am going to be home in exactly 4 months, so that is super crazy! 

Elder Earl

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