Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Transfer 17 Week 4 January 4 2016

well this week was super cool as well. And aparently it is 2016 now! that means that i am going home this year! this month actually! in like two weeks!

Anyway we got a lot of work done this week. It was a little bit tougher this week. Because it was actually really cold. And because of the holidays most people are pretty busy. But despite of that. We still had a lot of success! 

New years was really great! We had a lot of food that day! the sister that we ate with really spoiled us. The day was super fun, but night time kind of sucked. Fireworks are super popular here. But here if it doesnt explode and make the loudest noise possible then it is NOT a firework. And they keep setting them off basically all night long. So it was basically impossible to sleep that night, but i guess it was just part of the mexico missionary experience.

So yesterday we changed schedules for church. We are going at 9 in the morning now. Which is great for us because we have more time to work afterwards. But it is aparently a lot worse for the investigadors. Especially since it is cold in the mornings, because they didnt go to church yesterday. Except for one. Our investigator Ricardo went with us. It was cool because durring the services he told me that he wanted to share his testimony in sacrament meeting but that he wanted me to do it first. So i bore my testimony in sacrament meeting for the last time as a missionary and then my investigator shared his right after me, and it was a very beautiful testimony. 

Well i guess that is about it. Happy New Years! and everything
Elder Earl

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