Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Transfer 17 Week 3 December 28 2015

Well my last transfer is halfway over. and the week was super awesome! I guess that one of the most exciting things that happened this week was Christmas! On Christmas eve we were invited over by one of our investigators to eat dinner. We had one of my favorite mexican foods! Tacos de Pastor. Which is just tacos made from pig meat, It was awesome! That night they also let us use their computer to talk with our families which was super nice of them! It was great to see the family! but it will be even greater to see them in person in just a few more weeks!

This week was super sweet because we had a bunch of lessons with investigators. And a lot of them are progressing a lot! But the absolutely best christmas gift that i possibly could have recieved i got Yesterday! Two families that we are teaching went to church with us! It was an awesome day! there names are the Reyna Guzman family and the Luna Zapata family. They are super sweet! and hopefully we will be able to get them baptized before i leave. But if not i will be fine because i am possitive that they will be baptized. Obvioulsy they have problems and weaknesses just like all of us. But their faith and testimonies are super strong. And thanks to social media. Even when i am not here. i will still be in contact with all of them.

I didnt write much today because my keyboard is broken. so dont judge me for the mistakes found therein (does that make sense?)

Elder Earl
Hope everyone has a great new years!

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