Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Transfer 16 Week 6 December 7 2015

Well, the tranfer is officially over so i am going to start my last transfer (My last 6 weeks) tomorrow! I am super excited! we have the new transfers, it should be a really good last transfer.

This week was really cool. The most interesting this that happened this week was the Christmas Conference. It was really cool. On friday all of the missionaries here in saltillo got together for the conference. So there was about 80 of us as well as the mission president and his wife. It was a lot of fun. We had a gift exchange! we ate tamales! and we just chatted for a while. I got to see a lot of Elders that i hadnt seen in quite a while, so it was super cool. For the gift exchange i got a newton´s cradle, a pen and a journal from an Elder named Elder Gallegos. But unfortunately i already broke the Newton´s cradle. It was cool while it lasted...

Then later on we all went to a park here in saltillo calle La Alameda. It is a really nice park. There we did a contacting activity. And we showed the new church christmas video A Savior is Born with a projector there in the park. There were also some Elders and sisters singing chritmas hymns in another part of the park. It was a really good activity and we had a lot of success doing it.

Anyway, that is about everything for this week. So i am staying here in my same area, which means that I am ending here! My companion Elder Hopper is being changed to Acuña. Which is super sweet, but really far away. So he has to catch an 8 hour bus ride tomorrow to get there. I dont know who my new companion is, because i am going to be training a greenie for my last 6 weeks! It should be fun. I am going to meet him tomorrow. Well i guess that is it.

Elder Earl

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