Thursday, July 16, 2015

Transfer 13 Week 2 July 6 2015

Well the week was pretty good but it was kind of rough because my companion had some health problems all week. Nothing super serious, but he did have an ear infection and some strange infected bump on his face. It was kind of gross, but i felt pretty bad for him because i could tell that it hurt.

Well i am not giong into all of the details about what they ended up doing to get rid of the bump but let just say we had to stay in the house for like a day and a half due to some bleeding and the fact that he would have probably scared anyone that we went to visit. But everything is fine now. We do have to go back to the hospital on Wednesday though to get it checked out.

So we have continued searching for the inactive youth of the ward to invite them to join seminary, and it is still going great! We found a few more really cool families this week, and even a few investigators. 

So ya everything is going great here in Saltillo. I am fine. I get along well with my companion, and we have a lot of work.

Elder Earl

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