Thursday, July 16, 2015

Transfer 13 Week 1 June 29 2015

Well the new Transfer started but truthfully it seems like nothing has really changed at all. Because there were almost no changes in my zone. there are only 2 new elders that were not here last transfer. But that is great because i really like my zone right now.

so i guess the most exciting thing that happened this week was my birthday! I turned 20! so i am feeling super old right now. But the day was really great! One of the best birthdays that i have ever had! not because i got a nice present or ate a lot of good food. it was actually just like any other day in the mission. But that is exactly what made it the best birthday. there is no present i could recieve that is better than just being here helping people. (But presents would be nice too. My parents have my address)

Other than that the week was a little tougher than usual. Mostly because it rained a bunch this week. At one point my companion and i were running in the street trying to get to the house, but we ecentually gave up because there was absolutely no way we could have gotten any wetter! it actually looked like we had fallen in a lake or something. But then the drops were so big that they actually hurt when they hit you, so we started to run again. 

This week an area seventy showed up to our zone meeting and asked us all to visit the young men and women in our ward to invite them to seminay. It is going great! we found a few more families to teach as well as some investigators.

So ya i am doing great!
Elder Earl

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