Monday, June 1, 2015

Transfer 12 Week 2 May 25 2015

Well this last week was super sweet! I am getting along super well with my companion, we had a lot of fun, and we had a lot of success as well.

Well i guess the most exciting thing that happened this week was our baptism! Our investigator Paloma was baptized on friday by her father. It was a really cool and spritiual experience. Mostly because many people in the ward thought that she was never going to be baptized because she has had a lot of opportunities in the past but always decided not to. mostly because her mom is not a member of the church. But her mom has been going to church a lot recently and she was there in the baptism as well. Brother Silva (palomas dad) Baptized Paloma and his 8-year-old daughter Sarabi. then at the end of the service he bore a very strong testimony of the church. Truthfully it was one of the most powerful testimonies that i have heard. I could tell that he was super happy that his two daughters decided to be baptized. Now just his wife needs to be baptized and they can all go to the temple together to be sealed for all eternity!

Then on sunday we had the confirmation. Paloma actually wanted me to baptize her at first, but after talking it over we all agreed that it would be better for her dad to baptized her, so he asked me to do the confirmation. So i did. It was also a really great experience. I always love to participate in the ordinaces of the gospel, because i always feel so spiritually uplifted afterwards, and they really strenghten my testimony of the church and of the preisthood authority.

On saturday we had a really great lesson with another investigator named Ricardo. And he accpeted the invitation to be baptized this saturday! So we will be having another baptism on Saturday! Well it is possible that we will have to move it to the next week, because he still doesnt know his work schedule for the week. But he is definitely going to be baptized!

Elder Earl
 This is me and my new companion Elder Gallardo
This is us with the Silva family. They are now all members except for the mom. Paloma is our convert that was baptized on friday, her sister Sarabi was baptized as well, but she is eight so she isn´t a convert. Their dad baptized them, then on Sunday I confirmed Paloma.

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