Monday, June 1, 2015

Transfer 12 Week 1 May 18

This week was super sweet! I ended up not having time to write about the changes last week. So i will do it now. My companion was sent to another area here in Saltillo and i recieved my new companion on Tuesday at like 2 in the afternoon. His last area was in Monclova. It is like 3 hours north of Saltillo. His name in Elder Gallardo and he is from Ecuador. He is super cool! And I can already tell that he is going to be one of my favorite companions.

We had a lot of success this week. Quite a few lessons and we actually have another baptismal date for the 30th of May! so i am super excited. This Friday we are going to have one as well! It is going to be a really good couple of weeks! 

This week we accidentally left the keys in the house two days in a row! And the houses here are a lot different than the united states because when you close the door there is absolutely no way of opening it from the outside without the key. The first day wasnt too tough because we left the window open and i was able to open the door through the window with a stick. It took me a while but i did it. But the second day was super tough because we closed the window! We had absolutely no idea of what to do, so after about a half hour or so we decided to break the window and open the door with the stick again. My companion started to throw a big rock at the window a couple of times, but aparently our house has the strongest windows in the world! Because it didnt even crack. Then i picked up the rock and started to bang it against the glass and there was still not even a crack. Then i decided to do it just one more time as hard as i could. 

I was super confused for a second because it made a loud noise as if it had broken, but there was still no crack in the window. Then i realized that the blow had actually loosend the clasp on the inside of the window allowing me to open it normally. And we were able to grab the keys from the table with a long stick. We thought it was pretty funny. 

so ya. I am doing great! It was a great week.
Elder Earl

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