Monday, March 2, 2015

Transfer 9 Week 5 February 9 2015

Well I had a pretty normal week, not much to tell, but it was good
Next sunday we are going to have a ward conference here so the ward formed a choir and are going to sing a hymn. Unfortunately, not enough men joined, so we were probably forced to join the choir by the sister that was put in charge. And what is even more unfortunate is that I have to sing a solo. I´m not all that excited about it, but I guess it´s not the worst thing that can happen.
Also, on sunday after passing the sacrament I sat down and about 2 minutes later I heard. And now we will here a talk given my Elder Earl(but in spanish) And I was not prepared to give a talk because no one told me that I was going to speak! So I gave a 10 minute impromtu talk in spanish this last week. It wasnt perfect but I felt pretty good about it. And I was able to speak for quite a while as well.
Other than that the week was good but just kind of normal. I feel like our investigators are progressing pretty well, but unfortunately none of them are going to church. Which is super disappointing. But other than that, everything is going great! 4 days ago was the one year anniversary of the day I entered the MTC! So see you all in about a year!
Elder Earl

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