Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Time flies here at the MTC February 15, 2014

Wow! another week has gone by here at the MTC. Time is very strange in the MTC. Everyday seems like a week long, and the whole week feels like a day. If you asked me what I did a specific day of the week, I couldn't tell you, because everything I have done has been mashed together into one long day. I feel like I just barely got here, but I also feel like I have been here for a couple years. A lot of stuff happened in the last week. I have given a few  lessons in Spanish. Each lesson gets a little bit better, but I am still quite a ways away from being able to give a good lesson in Spanish. But, I am getting there. Besides Spanish, I am also learning a whole bunch about how to effectively teach the Doctrine of Christ! Just yesterday, my district had a lesson from our new teacher Hermano Bartolomei. He really helped me see how to teach investigators needs, and not just teach them a lesson. 
The food here is pretty good. It is great for cafeteria food, but I can still tell it is cafeteria food. It tastes good, but I just want a nice home cooked meal. But everyone always says that the food here on West Campus is better than the food on the main campus. We don't have as many choices, but they don't have to make as much food, which allows them to pay more attention to the food here. I don't know if that is true, but it might be. Today for P-day, my district actually went out to eat at a place called Supreme Burger. It was pretty good to.
Gym time is also really cool here. The only choices that we have are Basketball, Volleyball, Foursquare, or just running for no reason. So, my companion and I usually play Basketball. I am a little over 6'3" and he is 6'2" so we do fairly well. And we are probably the tallest companionship that I have seen at the MTC. 
Today for P-day my zone got to go to the temple again. It was wonderful! But, one of the sisters in my district couldn't find her temple recommend, so her and her companion couldn't go today,which was really sad. I would absolutely hate not being able to go to the temple on P-day. Going to the Temple is my favorite part of the week.
This upcoming Sunday, TOMORROW! Elder Holland's son President Holland (He is the President of a University, I think that it is UVU) Is coming to speak to us. His talk is on the Prophet Joseph Smith, and I am super excited. And better yet, I am in the MTC choir that is singing "Praise to the Man" at the end of the Devotional. I love the Prophet Joseph Smith. I have been reading Joseph Smith History this last week, as well as his testimony at the beginning of the Book of Mormon, and my love for him My Savior Jesus Christ, and my Heavenly Father grows with every verse I read. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that through him, the Priesthood authority of God, and the true church of Jesus Christ was restored onto this Earth. I know that he translated the Book of Mormon, and that the Book of Mormon truly contains the complete Doctrine of Christ, and that "a man can become closer to God by abiding by it's precepts than by any other book." Now I just need learn how to saw that in Spanish for my next lesson on Monday. Wish me luck!
Love, Elder Earl.

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