Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hey.....I mean Hola February 8, 2014

Wow, a lot of things have happened in the last few days! I feel like I have literally been here for a few weeks, and it is only my fourth day. I have a lot to say, but I am not sure If I will remember all of it, but I will try my best. I got to the MTC on wednesday at around 12:30. I was so overwhelmed right when I got here. I was walking through all of these halls in the MTC and people were giving me stuff every couple seconds. I could barely carry it all. Luckily, I was able to see my friend and old roommate Matthew while I was checking in, because I don't think that I will see him for the rest of my time at the MTC, because after I received all of my supplies, I got on a bus and was shipped to a little placed called Wyview in West Campus. So, I am not actually staying at the main MTC building. Every missionary who is going to a Spanish speaking mission at the Provo MTC get's sent over to West campus, while everyone else stays at the main MTC campus. Right after I got to my room, I dropped of all of my luggage, and then I went to class. Didn't even have time to unpack. There I met my companion along with the rest of my district. My entire district is really awesome! my companion is from Dallas. His name is Elder Stensrud (stensrood). There are four elders in my district and four sisters. All of the elders are going to Saltillo with me, while the sisters are going to Pachuca Mexico. I have also met one sister in a different district who is going to Saltillo. My teacher is also extremely cool. His name is Bond, Hermano Bond. But he only speaks Spanish to us, so it can be a little frustrating. On the first day, we found out that we were teaching a lesson to an investigator on Friday! which was yesterday! and, it had to be all in Spanish! We only had two days to prepare, and Elder Stensrud and I barely got through it alive. But the worst part of the day was when we found out that we were teaching another lesson to our investigator on Saturday! which is today! giving us only one day to prepare a lesson in Spanish. And furthermore, we were told that we couldn't bring our notes in to help us with the Spanish. I am extremely overwhelmed all of the time, but I know that I will be able to cope with it all, especially when I get used to the schedule here. Luckily, our investigator is a little to white to be Felipe from Mexico. I was told by the other missionaries in my zone that we won't get real investigators until around our third week. I am also very thankful for gym time, because without it everyday, I am pretty sure that I would go insane. I also found out that Hermana Lybbert (Meg Lybbert) was in the branch at the MTC that I am in now. When I met my Branch Presidency, they asked me if I knew her, and when I said yes, then went on forever telling me about how good of a missionary she is and how high she set the bar for missionaries from Moses Lake. So that is just great. Today is my P-day, so I was able to go to the temple today and do my laundry. But truthfully, P-day is just as busy and overwhelming as any other day. I am so thankful for the opportunity to go to the temple today with my zone. I can feel the Spirit everywhere here in the MTC, but in the temple, I was really able to feel the peace that the Spirit can bring to you. The importance of going on a mission, and sticking with it for the full two years has really hit me. It is amazing how much I have grown, and how much I still need to grow for this mission. It will be hard, but I know that the joys that a mission will bring to my life will make every hard time worth it, even if it seems that there are more hard times than food times.
Elder Earl

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