Saturday, October 11, 2014

transfer 6 Week 4 September 29 2014

Well it was another great week.
I ate something really kind of discusting this week. it was pig skin soaked in vinegar. I dont understand why anyone would even think about inventing that. It basically just tastes like vinegar, but the consistensy is super gross. And the fact that you are eating raw pig skin is kind of super gross as well.
We had kind of a tough time with one of our investigators this week. Because he was put in prison for a few days. That was the bad part, but the good thing is that I think that it really opened his eyes. I think that it was exactly what he needed to be able to give up drinking. He is a really good guy, and he really likes to talk to us, but it is really hard for him to quit drinking. We had a really good talk with him the day that he was released. We talked about the Word of Wisdom and all of the blessings he will recieve if he is obedient. He talked about how he really wants to change, and I believe him. And I know that with the help of Jesus Christ and His Atonement all people can change for the better.
Yesterday was good as well. Beatriz came to church again! She has gone to church 5 times now, and she has the desire to be baptized, all she needs to do know is decide that she wants to do it soon, and we will have another baptism this change. I am super exciting for her, and her family.
I am super excited to watch General Conference this weekend! There is nothing quite like listening to the Prophet, Apostles, and other church leaders. In my studies this week I came across D&C section 21. It talks about the Prophet, and I challenge everyone to read it before the conference this weekend.
Elder Earl

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