Sunday, September 14, 2014

Transfer 5 Week 6 September 1 2014

Well another week and another change has ended! This week was super great as well. A great way to end a change!

The main reason why this week was so great was because we had two baptisms! Dario and Enrique. They are both super cool guys, they have both become really great friend of me. 

I also did divisions this week. It was my first time being companions with someone from the United States. He is super cool. His name is Elder Townsend and is from Utah. He has been in the mission for about 14 months so his Spanish is a lot better than mine. But not perfect. So it was a little bit harder. It was super cool though, because I could feel myself using Spanish that I have never used before. I difinitely have have faith that the Gift of Tongues is real, and that The Lord really does help us. There is no way I could do this without Him.

We finished the week with the baptism of Dario on Saturday. It was really cool because his wife and her mom came to the baptism! They are inactive members, and he was kind of worried about telling them that he decided to be baptized. But they were very supportive of him, and the baptism went really well!

Sunday was also really sweet! We had the confirmation of Dario, and then he gave his talk afterwards! He gave it on Faith, and it was really good!

We thought that we were going to have the baptism of Enrique on Sunday, but it turns out that his Dad who is not a member wanted to come. So we had it this morning actually! It also went really well! After the baptism, after we changed out of our wet clothes, Enrique told me that he decided that he wants to serve a mission! That was some pretty good news! I told him that after about a year of preparation he could difinitely be ready to serve! 

We also recieved the changes today. I am staying here in Obregon, but my companion is going to a different area here in Saltillo. My new companion is going to be Elder Porras. I dont know him. But i am gonna meet him tomorrow. The worst part is that both of the other missionaries in my ward are going to leave as well. So I have to teach the area to my companion, and the other missionaries will have a lot of questions about their area as well. And I just barely got comfortable with my own area! Hopefully I can at least show them where their house is...

The missionaries from Obregon. Yo, Elder Townsend, Garcia, and Brown
 Elder Sierra from Honduras
 our zone

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