Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Transfer 16 Week 4 November 23 2015

Well this week was really good. We had a lot more lessons this week than we usually do. So that was exciting.
We have an investigator named Daniel who is really cool. He has gone to church many times before with his cousin who is a member of the church. We had a lesson with him and his mom this week and we set a goal for his baptismal date! so if everything goes well we will be baptizing on the 5th of December. He is really cool, and his mom invites us to eat dinner with them like once a week, so that is always nice as well.
This Sunday was the primary program in my ward. It was really good. On Saturday in the morning we went to the chapel to practice with the primary children because we sang a song with them yesterday during the program. It was a lot of fun. I have always really liked going to the primary program (except for when I was still in primary) because all of them are still so innocent, and sometimes kids can just be hilarious. I feel like I haven´t sent pictures in a while...I´ll see what I can do about that next week...
Elder Earl

(From left to right) Elder Merrill (Kennewick, WA), Elder Mera (Hidalgo, MX), Elder Bedoya (Colombia), Me (Moses Lake, WA), Elder Fernandez (Bolivia), Elder Hopper (Atlanta, Georgia)
Then all of the kids

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